Bordeaux is where the Wine Adventure began for me in 1984 when I left my native Scandinavia to learn French. The Negociant A. de Luze et Fils was kind enough to hire me as help in their Export Department and a life-long passion for wine was born.

After almost six years as an Executive Export Assistant with De Luze, I then worked as a Sales Manager for Asia & the Americas with D.I.V.A., Alias, Hugues Lawton and Chris Wine. When not promoting Bordeaux wines somewhere in Asia or in the United States, I would spend hours in the vineyards, talking and tasting wines with Chateau-owners and Winemakers and listening to Veterans of the Trade telling their fabulous stories.

I moved to San Francisco in 1997 and created Dream Vintage International in 2003, specializing in High End Wines from both the Old and New World. The more I learn about this fascinating world, the more I realize how much more there is to know and that this journey in wine will never end!

It was not until much later when a broken knee forced me to spend long winter days in-doors that I discovered a passion that had until then remained dormant; photography! A totally new way of seeing the world opened up to me and I was eager to combine the two worlds that bring me such joy!

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